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Khwopa College of Engineering

Khwopa College of Engineering

KCE is Nepal’s community-based engineering college, undertaken by Bhaktapur Municipality. KCE will, in every regard, be the right destination for those who aspire to become professional engineers at affordable fees.

With a distant vision of maintaining Bhaktapur's hardwon glory, the college aims to produce highly skilled engineers that will have blends of both indigenous and modern-day technologies. In this regard, the college is aiming to provide quality education in the engineering fields which are of prime importance for the development of our country.

Academic Programs and Enrollment Capacity

  • Bachelor in Civil Engg. - 96
  • Bachelor in Electrical Engg. - 48

  Faculty Strength

  • Full Time Faculties: 31 (Professor - 1, Associate Professor - 2, Senior Lecturer - 2, Lecturer - 18, Assistant Lecturer - 4 and Lab Assistant - 4)
  • Part Time Faculties: 34
  • Staffs: 16

Laboratories/Library: Library with e-library

List of Laboratories

1. Physics Lab

9. Material Testing

17. Electrical Lab

2. Chemistry Lab

10. Transportation

18. Microprocessor Lab

3. Hydraulics / Hydrology Lab

11. Geology Lab

19. Electric Machines Lab

4. Mechanical Workshop

12. Structure

20. Control System Lab

5. Thermodynamics Lab

13. Soil Testing Lab

21. Communication System Lab

6. Water Supply Lab

14. Concrete Testing Lab

22. Instrumentation Lab

7. Surveying Instrument

15. Computer Lab

23. Power Plant Lab

8. Fluid Mechanics

16. Electronics Lab

24. Control System Lab



25. Power Electronic and Electric Drive


Total Plinth Area 1247 Sq. m with Basement for Parking, 17 Classrooms, 12 Laboratory rooms, 4 Teacher/Staff rooms, 1 Multipurpose Hall, 1 Conference Hall and 5 Guest Rooms.

Major Research works:

  • In-situ destructive test using penetrometer of historical masonry structures and destructive test of collected historical monumental bricks in Khwopa College of Engineering Laboratory. Khwopa College of Engineering, Khwopa Engineering College, Ehime University. Japan.
  • Health monitoring test of Multi-tiered pagoda (Yaksheswor Temple in Bhaktapur) using accelerometers. in Ehime University, Japan.
  • Structural Damage Assessment of a Five Tiered Pagoda Style Temple using Lidar Scanner and ambient vibration. Khwopa College of Engineering, Khwopa Engineering College, Oregon State University, USA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA.
  • GPR survey of Vatsala temple and Big Bell at Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur. Khwopa College of Engineering, Khwopa Engineering College, Princeton University, USA.
  • Digital Recording And Non-Destructive Techniques For The Understanding Of Structural Performance for Rehabilitating Historic Structures At The Kathmandu Valley After Gorkha Earthquake 2015, Khwopa College of Engineering, Khwopa Engineering College, Carleton University.
  • Publication of research Journal by College: Journal of Science and Engineering Vol. 1 to Vol. 4.
  • Engineering soil properties of Bhaktapur pottery.
  • Study of groundwater table of Bhaktapur

Future Plan

  • Extend academic programs in B.E. Computer, Electronics & Comunication and B. Architecture


Affiliated Programs

Khwopa College of Engineering offers a wide range of program selection on various levels.

Main Teachers

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