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Kathford International College

Kathford International College

  1. Introduction:

Established in 2003 and located at the heart of the city of Kathmandu, Kathford gives students access to outstanding faculty and excellent resources. Kathford is one of only a handful colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan University with diverse programs of Engineering and Management. A home to over 1000 students, Kathford has been producing highly competitive graduates and scholars since inception. Our strong alumni base, who have turned into market leaders, entrepreneurs and scholars, is among the reasons why Kathford is the best place to study Bachelors.

We encourage our students to become the best they can by facilitating them with all kinds of resources and engaging them in numerous events and activities, giving them opportunity to experience true personal and professional growth during their time with us. At Kathford, we offer you more than just a qualification.

Kathford boasts of highly acclaimed academic staff who guide and support the academic development of our students. We believe in blending academic excellence with practical impact leading our students to professional pinnacle. We maintain high standards in our teaching practice and work with industry, business and companies to ensure the relevance of our teaching. Our network with our alumni and industry experts enrich the study of our current students by giving them a closer look of how the world outside the college works.

  1. Infrastructure




Department of Civil Engineering


●     Civil Engineering Material Lab

●     Fluid/hydraulics Lab

●     Transportation Lab

●     Structure Lab

●     Hydropower Lab


Computer and Electronics Laboratory


●     Electrical / Machine Engineering Lab

●     Communication Lab

●     Digital Electronics Lab

●     Analog Electronics Lab


Computer Lab


Mechanical Workshop Lab


Physics Lab


Chemistry Lab


Thermodynamics Lab

  1. Research Activity:

Kathford Research and development wing consist of RoboKath, Kathfoss, Kathford-Xilinx University Program Center, and Kathcess which help student and faculty in research, training and workshop related activities.

With the support of department and faculty members, KathFoss and RoboKath team follows ‘Spread Your Knowledge’ model and the students train other students in the field of programming and robotics after rigorous research and learning.

Affiliated Programs

Kathford International College offers a wide range of program selection on various levels.

Main Teachers

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