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Himalaya College of Engineering

Himalaya College of Engineering


Himalaya College of Engineering (HCOE) is a private engineering college established in on 2057 BS (2000 AD). Affiliated to Tribhuvan University, it is conducting bachelor of engineering (BE) program of Institute of Engineering (IOE) in Computer Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture. The aim of the college is to provide quality engineering education and produce competent engineering graduates. The college is producing qualified engineers since its establishment who are the backbone of development of the nation.

The college is located at Lalitpur-9, Chyasal which is an easy access from all directions. The college has developed infrastructure in 22 Ropani area as per the standard laid down by IOE. All the academic and administrative programs are run in a six story building and other five buildings. As a part of teaching-learning processes, seminars, workshops and trainings are frequently conducted throughout a semester. The field visits, project works and field works are regular ongoing programs in HCOE. So, the college assures quality education required for the students in the present context, and assists them in pursuing their professional and educational goals. These graduates have shown professionally and academically competence in different institutions, companies, forms as well as highest score achievement in IOE semester examinations.

Among the extra-curricular activities, inter college and intra college sport competitions are held in every semester. Its robotics team participates in various competitions within as well as outside the country winning the first position.

  1. Infrastructure

HCOE has developed well managed infrastructure in an area of 22 Ropani. The main academic building is an earthquake resistant six story building with 57 rooms for academic and administrative works. There are other five supporting buildings for labs, canteen and project works. These infrastructures have enough rooms for classes, faculties, administrative staffs, seminars, library and extracurricular activities. Separate lab blocks, canteen block and project blocks have been constructed in this area of the college ownership of nine Ropani land and in lease of 13 Ropani land for 20 years. The courts for indoor games such as volleyball, basketball and table tennis are constructed within the college premises while nearby ANNFA Football ground, Chyasal is used for football with an agreement.

  1. Library

The college has a collection of 23,000 text books, references books and course manuals in its library with regular addition of newly published books. Various newspapers, magazines, and national and international research journals are regularly subscribed. Equipped with library software, students take books under the book bank system and regular renewing system.

  1. Laboratory

HCOE has separate laboratories of all subjects equipped with high-tech instruments and equipment as laid by IOE and Nepal Engineering Council (NEC). Labs of physics, chemistry, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, basic electronics engineering and workshop technology are shared by all programs while the others are specific labs.

Electronics Department has six electronic engineering labs in the college. These are basic electronics, advanced electronics, communication, digital electronics, instrumentation and control system, and project lab.

Computer Department has seven computer labs with 30 high-tech computers fully supported by suitable application software. High speed internet and intranet facilities are available in the labs.

Civil Engineering Department has labs of civil engineering materials, strength of materials, fluid mechanics and hydraulic, structure, soil mechanics, water supply engineering, engineering geology, concrete technology, environmental engineering, transportation engineering and hydropower engineering lab.

The college’s survey lab is fully equipped with modern and latest instruments of theodolite, total station, prismatic compass, leveling staff etc. Visual sketching lab, design studio etc. are labs for architecture program.

  1. Internet

A high speed, 15 Mbps, online browsing internet facility is provided in the college. Free Wi-Fi, student hotspot and faculty/staff hotspot are managed. The computer laboratories have internet service throughout the college hours and 24 hours during project works.

  1. Guidance And Counseling Services

For welfare of students, collective as well as individual counseling is provided for the development of efficiency of the students.

  1. Job Placement Service

The college bridges its students with the industries through job placement service. It arranges interviews of various companies and forms on its various departments for fresh as well as professional students. Besides this, HCOE has made MOU with Finishing School, India, National School of Skill Development, India and TOYO works Company Ltd., Japan for placement of the graduates.

  1. Robotics Club

Robotics Club at HCOE places a platform for students to explore idea, innovation and development in robots. This is run by an active group of students who always intend to develop and design robots. These students work specially for designing, constructing, modeling, debugging and maintaining the robots, electronic projects, mechanical machinery models, embedded systems and also actively take interest in robotics research and development. Since its establishment in 2006, it has been taking part in various robotics competitions among different Colleges in and outside the country every year. The club had got the first position in Grand Prix, 2064 - an Inter-Engineering College Robotics Competition organized on the initiative of Robotics Club of Pulchowk Campus, IOE. The Club has participated in February 2011 A.D in Robotics competition organized by IIT, Bombay, and is regularly participating in different events each year and outside the country.

  1. Himalaya Exhibition

Himalaya Exhibition 2017 (Hex-2017) was exhibited in the college premises form 14th to 16th July 2017. Students participated with great enthusiasms and demonstrated their skills on various projects. The exhibition exposed events in civil engineering, electronics and computer engineering and IT and architecture. More than 7,000 visitors of engineering, science and technology observed the exhibition. The academicians, professional industries, construction companies, consulting firms, software/hardware design and development companies also take participate in the programme. It is planned to run such exhibition every year.

Table-1 Intake capacity in different programs in HCOE

S. No.

Bachelor’s Degree Program



Civil Engineering



Electronics  Communication  & Information Engineering



Computer Engineering






New Construction

We have planned to construct a new auditorium hall in open area in the east part of the academic building. It has a capacity of 300 students and construction will be completed within one year. Besides this, a shed is going to be constructed in the leased land of Mrs. Mathura Bhattarai in an n area of one Ropani for project works and labs. Within five years, an administrative building will be constructed in the west part of the academic building.

  1. Faculty strength

Himalaya college of Engineering has arranged in all departments with highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty members in fulltime as well as in part time basis. At present, there are 56 fulltime faculty members of engineering and science. They have educational background from graduate to post graduate level. The visiting faculties who have long experience, research background and innovative ideas are from universities, production companies, software companies, banks, research centers, construction companies, government offices, consultancies and IT industries. The full time faculties are appointed on the post of professor, associate professor, senior lecturer, lecturer, assistant lecture, teaching assistant and lab instructor depending in qualification, experience and potential. These faculties are guided by college bylaws that are updated in time to time.

For the academic management, college has appointed on each department as head of department, deputy head of department, project coordinator, lab coordinator, and councilor.  The college is administratively managed by the principal, vice-principal, head of department, administrative officer, account officer, exam coordinator, librarian and other helping staffs.

The college has a Faculty Development Plan to strengthen academic empowerment and professionalism of its faculties. Identified as the needs of faculty development from annual performance and student feedback survey, the college plans and executes programs for higher studies, seminars, workshop, training and research. The college sends its faculties and staffs regularly to participate in different institutions, centers and IOE. The college also arranges different seminars and workshops to its faculties and provides opportunities for higher studies as MSc and PhD in paid and nonpaid leave.

  1. Research Activities

The college encourages its faculties and students to involve in research. Some faculties pursuing Master’s Degree also take their research. Under graduate students take benefited from these activities through the project work in third and fourth year of study. Faculties participate in different workshops, seminars and symposium arranged by the college. The college manages the minor project in 5th and 6th semester for electronics and computer students while in they do major project in 7th and 8th including civil engineering students. Architecture students do practicum works in different forms in 7th semester and do research in 10th semester.

  1. Future Plan

The college has planned to run BE in mechanical engineering, geomatics engineering and electrical engineering in near future. MSc program has been planned to run in construction engineering, structure engineering, communication and information technology, computer engineering, and urban planning in future after taking affiliation from the universities. A research lab will be developed in future. Following future plan is made for the infrastructure development in HCOE.

Affiliated Programs

Himalaya College of Engineering offers a wide range of program selection on various levels.

  • Bachelor in Architecture (48)
  • BE in Civil Engineering (96)
  • BE in Computer Engineering (48)
  • BE in Electronics, Communication & Information Engineering (48)

Main Teachers

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